Expo art australien

Expo d’art australien

Galerie Art et Miss,
14, rue Sainte Anastase, PARIS 75003
(derrière musée Picasso)
1er au 8 décembre 2015

‘OCEANS OF OZ’, an extra-ordinary art exhibition combining the talents of two international awarded artists, Olivia Alexander (Australia) and Ann Dunbar (France), is opening in Paris from 1st December for a week at the Galerie Art & Miss, 14 rue Sainte Anastase, Paris 75003, in the Marais district. Entry is free, all welcome.

The gallery, located only a few steps from Musée Picasso, will come alive with new works inspired by the Australian oceans, the pristine sands, crystal clear azure blue sea and the strange life under the sea of the Barrier reef and beyond.

Both Alexander and Dunbar have created a body of work which ties up with the issues of the fragile environment we live in: rising sea temperature and global warming, hot topics which hit Paris at this moment with the COP21 debate. Both Olivia Alexander and Ann Dunbar, who are passionate about nature, wish to raise awareness of the fragility, beauty and natural spirit of our marine world, through their own personal expression. Countries spend millions exploring space but very little beneath our seas and  this exhibition stresses on its magnificence and the urgency to take action now.

Be sure to visit the magical mystery oceanic tour “Oceans of Oz”. Olivia and Ann both welcome you with many surprises and interesting events through the week, such as body painting, didgeridoo demonstration, talks and of course why not become an art collector, as all work on display is for sale and part of the proceeds will go to towards Marine Conservation Society (Australia) and Sea Shepherds (France).

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